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Create QR Codes with Any Text

Create personalized QR codes with any text for your business, events, or personal use. Simply enter your text into the field and generate a ready-to-use QR code. Fast, convenient, and free!

What is a QR Code?

QR code is a two-dimensional matrix barcode that can contain various data, including text, URL addresses, contact information, as well as information about products and services. QR codes can be read with mobile devices equipped with cameras and software for reading QR codes. They are widely used in marketing, advertising, business, and personal purposes for quick information transfer.

QR codes can be used for various purposes. They can be used in business for promoting products and services, facilitating payment processes, communicating with customers, advertising and marketing. They can also be used for personal purposes, such as quick and convenient information transfer.

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Where can QR codes be used

QR codes with encoded text can be used in many places, for example:

  1. On product packaging: QR code can contain information about the product, including price, features, and manufacturer.
  2. In advertising: QR code can contain information about the product or service that can be obtained by scanning it with a mobile device.
  3. On business cards: QR code can contain contact information, including name, position, phone number, and email address.
  4. In medical facilities: QR codes can contain a patient's medical history, a list of medications taken, and other important information.
  5. In museums and galleries: QR codes can contain information about the artwork, the author, and its history.
  6. On tickets: QR code can contain information about the event for which the ticket was purchased, date, time, and location of the event.
  7. In tourism: QR codes can contain information about the tourist route, attractions, and other interesting places.
  8. In education: QR codes can contain links to additional materials or assignments for students.

How to create QR code with text

Our service provides the ability to quickly and conveniently create QR codes with any text inside. QR codes are two-dimensional matrix barcodes that can contain various information, such as URL addresses, contact information, text messages, and much more.

Generating QR codes is a simple and intuitive process. To create a QR code, you need to enter the desired text in the field on our website and click the 'Generate' button. After that, you can download the resulting QR code in a convenient format for you.

Our service provides maximum reliability and security. We guarantee that the QR codes created by our service will work seamlessly and do not contain any malicious components.

Other types of QR codes

With our service, you can create various types of codes:

Additionally, you can also decode QR code